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I’m Dusty Hegge.

Houseplant educator, host of the Grow Well Podcast, and completely coffee obsessed.

Dusty Hegge: Houseplant Educator and Business Strategist

Planting seeds for growing well - in life and business.

I have a contagious love for plants, I’m a wife & mother, & your new favorite plant lady with a pretty serious thing for black coffee. (brewed on a Hario V60, please.)

I am passionate about honest conversations and chasing after growing well in life, business, and plant care.

I can’t help but see the incredible parallels between life and business growth and the way a plant grows within different seasons and phases of life.

Plants are living, breathing things, and like all living things they experience seasons of rest, booming growth, hardship, and dormancy. I believe God has blessed us with nature to spoil us with His beauty and remind us of His incredible love, majesty, and complexity. I know that there are so may lessons to be learned through houseplant care that are deeply applicable to personal growth AND business growth!

My goal is to equip you to apply these lessons and appreciate the growth process along the way. So much of growing well happens on a foundational level - it’s the hard, heart work that makes the biggest difference and helps us to begin to enjoy growing well even in seasons of dormancy and hardship. This is why I love planning strategic launch plans, utilizing email marketing to nurture and serve your audience, and why I know personal growth starts with understanding your DEEP worth in Christ - you are so very worth the effort it takes to grow well!

My favorite houseplant (right now anyways):

Golden pothos - classic, durable, and forgiving.

I never want to give up:

Black coffee

I always want to watch:


I am passionate about:

Growing well & living intentionally

My hero:

My husband

I am most proud of:

My fight with depression and anxiety

My “dream big” goal is:

To open a brick and mortar and become a nation wide motivational speaker.

Next on my wish list:

A botanical sleeve tattoo

What I want you to know:

You are so deeply worth the effort it takes to grow well.

My Favorite Title:


My Favorite Drink:

Dark N’ Stormy (and coffee)


Ready to find your

perfect houseplant?


Work with me.

Business Strategist: Launch Plans, Email Marketing, Mentor Sessions

Plan your next launch (big or small), improve your email marketing, and get business strategy mentor sessions.

Promote your brand: Instagram, Podcast Ad, and other packages available.

I believe so deeply in helping each other grow well and promoting companies that work hard, love their people, and create ethical goods and services. If you feel your product or brand would be a good fit contact me and we can begin working together! I only promote brands I fully believe in, trust, and have personally used.

Learn from Dusty Hegge - houseplants and business growth!

Learn from me.

Get Planty: Houseplant Foundations Online Course

This course is designed to teach you the foundations of houseplant care so you can enjoy this hobby well, add beauty to your home, and curate a dreamy houseplant collection while pursuing personal growth.

Grow Well Podcast

An open conversation about growth in houseplant care, life, and business.

Houseplant Care Guides

Though care guides aren’t always a holistic view of houseplant care there is no arguing they they hold incredible value!

Business Mentor Call

Whether you need to learn more about email marketing, need some advice with your next launch, or just a person to chat with about growing your business well! You can set up a 60 minute call with me below - let’s get your business growing well!