Tired of your houseplants dying?

Especially after you put in so much effort to pick out one that you loved the most, that was beautiful, that made your home feel cozy, peaceful, and homey. And now? DEAD.

Or maybe you are fighting pests, unsure how to water properly, or you're ready to build an Instagram worthy houseplant collection but have no idea where to start.

In short β€” you love houseplants buuutttttt houseplants just don’t love you back.

I got you.

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First of all, your efforts are GOOD. Houseplants have such value and add such beauty to your home! Those things have deep meaning and they are worth fighting for! I believe nature is a God-given gift to remind us of His power, majesty, and intentionality. How wonderful that we get to bring a little piece of that indoors through houseplants!

Through something as seemingly simple as houseplants God has taught me more than I would have ever guessed.

They bring me happiness, they add beauty, they inspire FUN, and man - I want you to have FUN. You deserve it!

But how on earth can you do that if your plants keep dying?

Get Planty is an online houseplant course designed to give you a foundational understanding of how plants work so you can apply this knowledge to any houseplant you bring into your home.

PLUS I dive deeper into each topic with concise videos or audio giving you several examples and images so you can see exactly what I am teaching and apply this newfound planty knowledge right away!

Ready to have fun celebrating God’s creation while building a thriving houseplant collection?

Get on the waitlist below.

    Dusty is a plant magician! She leads from her strong faith and makes sure every person she meets knows how very loved, unique and worthy they are. Plants need you, and you need Dusty!
    — Kathryn Coffman
    Dusty Hegge - Educator: Get planty Houseplant Foundations Online Course

     G E T . P L A N T Y

    houseplant foundations course

    Coming summer 2019 with very limited space.

    Join the waitlist below to grab your spot in the course, see sneak peaks into the course curriculum, bonuses, and some of my best tips to start building a houseplant collection you LOVE!