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Thank you so much for being interested in working with me! This media kit is designed to help you have a deeper understanding of who I am, what I do, and who I serve.

Please review all of the outlined content below— including my mission, metrics, audience profiles, and packages— to determine if we are a good fit to work together. (Contact form on the bottom of this page).

I value transparency and respect, and I want what is best for both your brand and mine, so I only represent brands and companies that I have personally used, trust, and deeply believe in.

Dusty Hegge - Host of Grow Well Podcast, Houseplant Educator, and Business Strategist

My name is Dusty Hegge and I want to partner with brands who uphold high ethical standards, have a deep appreciation of nature, and value honest conversations about growth.



I can’t help but see the incredible parallels between plant growth, personal growth, and business growth. I KNOW that when we care for God’s creation, He will reveal himself and teach us through the growth process. It is through this lens that I teach houseplant care, business strategies, and share content on all platforms.



The Grow Well podcast is a space for people to listen in on honest conversations about growth in life, faith, and business as well as get hot-to tips to cultivate a dreamy houseplant collection. It is my goal to equip people to grow a houseplant collection that helps them to see the value in prioritizing fun and appreciating the growth process.



All stats as of August, 2019.

  • Average weekly listens: 400+

  • Total downloads: 15.5K

  • Listeners: 80% of listeners live in the USA. Most are plant-loving women ages 22-38.

  • Published weekly as a podcast on all available platforms and as a blog post (here) to improve SEO and make all URLs mentioned easy for listeners to access.

Topics Covered:

  • Houseplant Care

  • Personal Growth

  • Biblical Truth

  • Marriage

  • Parenthood

  • Business Growth

  • Botanical Inspired/Topics



Instagram is my primary social media platform, and it is used with the purpose of serving my audience, building my business, and creating community. I believe that there is a lot of beauty found within this social media channel, and I don’t take it lightly. I strive to be real, raw, transparent, and encouraging so that people see how they are so deeply worth the effort it takes to grow well.

Photographs are by myself, Asia Dore, and Cast & Forge Photography. My primary photographer is Asia Dore. Photography on my grid is always properly credited both in the caption and in the photo.

Latest posts @dustyhegge



  • Followers: 3,250+

  • Average comments/post: 10

  • Average profile views/week: 450

  • Average impressions/week: 16,650

  • Audience: 88% Women, primarily living in USA ages 25-35

Topics Discussed:

  • Personal growth

  • Biblical truths

  • Houseplant care

  • Business growth

  • Products & people I admire

  • Coffee



Email marketing is a very delicate and valuable tool, and it’s my MAIN way of connecting with my audience. Showing up is an incredible honor, and I strive to hold that honor with dignity and gratitude. Our inboxes feel like a private space, and I want to respect that space well! I only show up in inboxes when I have something DEEPLY valuable to share that I know will benefit the reader and be a valuable use of their time.

  • Subscribers: 1,650+ (growing on average 40+ subscribers/week)

  • Average open rate: 35%



Podcast Ad - $60 / episode + Product

All podcast ads are mid-roll, connected to evergreen content, and roughly 1-2 minutes long for highest listening rates. I will also mention your brand/product/service again as I wrap up the show.

  • Mid-roll

  • 1-2 minutes long, approved before I publish it.

  • Mention in outtro

  • 2 Direct links available in show notes

  • 1 Direct link available in episode description

  • 1 graphic/image listed on show notes


Instagram Feature - $30 + Product

One post on my feed and one story share. An honest review of your product, beautiful imagery, and a caption written intentionally to convert to purchases. All copy will be written from my own experience and opinions.



1 Month Sponsorship - $425 + Product

  • 4 Podcast ads (mid-roll & enroll)

  • 4 Instagram posts & 4 story shares

  • 1 Email sent to my email list with how I am using your product and a direct link to your website.

  • Bonus: I’ll host a giveaway on my Instagram feed. (This is not included in the 4 IG posts)


2 Month Sponsorship - $800 + Product

  • Save $50

  • 8 Podcast ads (mid-roll & enroll) - 1/week

  • 8 Instagram posts & 8 story shares - 1/week

  • 1 Email sent to my email list with how I am using your product and a direct link to your website.

  • 1 Blog post feature with high quality imagery, an honest review of your product, and a direct link to your website.

  • Bonus: I’ll host a giveaway on my Instagram feed. (This is not included in the 8 IG posts).


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