Yay! Your interview is scheduled.

(Make sure you check for a confirmation email with our recording time. Calendly adjusts for time zones.)

I am super excited to record with you! Please take some time to read through all the information below. If you have any further questions feel free to email me or use the contact form below.


What I need from you:

I have all the things I need from you organized in one simple google form (that you can edit and reference back to). Please think through each question in preparation for recording day. It’s okay if you don’t fill out the form with your full answer, short responses will do to help me better guide the conversation. You’ll also be adding all your links and uploading headshots.

Only I will see your form responses. Click the button that best suits our conversation topic.


Recording Day:

We will record via Zoom. Interviews are about 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

There is a unique Zoom URL in the confirmation email you received after scheduling. It will be under the “Location” - on recording day just click the link to join the meeting. The same link is also found in the “notes” section if you opted to add the Calendly event to your calendar.

Note: I will not be publishing video interviews, only audio on the podcast.


  • Wear ear headphones

  • Sit in a quiet place (a space with carpets and/or lots of soft surfaces to absorb sound is best)

  • Have a strong wifi connection

  • If you have a mic, then please use it! If you don’t then don’t worry about it.

  • Close all other applications or programs running on your computer


If something happens and you need to reschedule or cancel our interview please do so within the Calendly event you created. There are direct links for both options within your confirmation email and within the reminder email you’ll receive one day before our recording time.


Episode Goes Live:

I work very hard to produce a high-quality show. During our interview, you are free to talk as openly as you’d like about your business and direct people to your website. I want to help grow your audience and share your work! I ask that on the day our episode airs you do the same.

I will email you one week or so before the episode goes live with a couple minimal, beautifully designed Instagram story graphics and one for your Instagram feed. You don’t have to post those specific graphics, but I do ask that you make every effort to tell your people about the show! I will include direct links to your interview and ask that you leave a review for the podcast on iTunes the day your episode airs if possible. I am deeply grateful for all your efforts and want to make sure your message gets in the ears of as many people as possible!


Any questions I didn't answer? Email me at dusty@revivenursery.com or click that fancy button below to ask away!