Ep 019. Botanical Fragrences

Learn the dangers of synthetic fragrances and the beautiful, restorative arts of botanical fragrances. Gina Benedetto joins me on the Grow Well Podcast to unpack this complicated topic and share her passion for natural perfumery.

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“Veyali is a line of luxurious 100% plant-based perfumes and room sprays. As the awareness of the dangers of synthetic fragrance grows, I’m proud to offer a beautiful solution. I founded Veyali with the intent to reimagine the ancient and complex art of using only plants to scent our bodies and home. All my products are certified vegan and cruelty-free. Having these certifications is an important step in building trust with my customers. I also source only organic and wildcrafted essential oils—never choosing oils or extracts that come from at-risk or threatened species. This very mindful selection process ensures you’ll not only smell good but can feel good knowing you are using a clean and ethically responsible product.” - Gina Benedetto founder of Veyali


  • The dangers of synthetic fragrances

  • How Veyali was born (and how she "created” the name!)

  • Our deep love of baked goods

  • The power and restorative nature of botanical fragrances

  • A little about the science of natural perfumes


Connect with Gina Benedetto: Website | Instagram

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