Ep 021. How to Start a Houseplant Collection Well

How to keep a plant alive? How to start a houseplant collection? Where do I even begin in houseplant care? I get these questions ALL the time! So I made you a super beautiful, easy to apply resource to help you to start your houseplant collection WELL!

Download the Curate Your Dream Houseplant Collection (below!) to reference back to again and again! Use it to follow along with the episode. I did my best to packed as much goodness as I could in this beauty without being overwhelming. You’re gonna LOVE this guide! Below is a very abridged version of the guide so you can download it knowing you’re gonna love every second of it!

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1. Figure out your “why”

Understanding WHY you want houseplants in your home and WHAT you hope they accomplish for you and your space will set you up for houseplant success.

2. Know your home

The most important factor for successful houseplant growth is light. Hands down. Being aware of how much light is in your home is crucial!

3. Get curious!

In episode 018 of the Grow Well Podcast I share the three main traits I have noticed that are ESSENTIAL in developing that green thumb we all admire. Start reading and researching. Ask questions and then find answers. Read plant care guides and houseplant books. Just start learning!

4. Go buy a plant!

Just START! Pick a plant, learn about it, care for it, and then do it again. The very best way to develop your green thumb is to get your hands messy and just try! I do suggest listening to episode 018 of the Grow Well Podcast as a resource to help you have the right mindset surrounding plant care so you can enjoy this hobby, and dare I say lifestyle, to its fullest.

5. Repot your plants

Let me say that louder for the people in the back: REPOT YOUR PLANTS! I can't even count the number of times I've heard people say they had no idea they ever needed to repot. In Get Plant e-course I cover this topic in great depth with MANY videos showing you best practices and using several different plants.

6. Learn the warning signs & safeguard yourself from pitfalls.

All plants have certain warning signs and behave a certain way to communicate that something about its care is wrong or needs to be adjusted. I have compiled a lot of great information into one ebook called Revive Your Houseplant - available in my shop. It is a simple, short tool that I believe you will come back to again and again as you learn more and practice this new skill!

Use the coupon code GROWWELL to get the book for just $3.00 HERE.

7. Finally, try again.

Plants are living, breathing things! They go through life cycles as all loving things do and death is a part of that. Just because your plant died doesn’t always mean you've done something wrong. Instead, get curious, read about it, and then try again!

If you are interested in investing in this planty lifestyle, using it as a tool to prioritize self-care, and learning the foundations of houseplant care from me you can learn more HERE.

Houseplants CAN be a tool to facilitate healthy, fun, personal growth while adding beauty to your home. BUT ONLY IF you aren’t so worried you’re gonna kill it the whole time! Take the quiz below to find the houseplant that is most suitable for you, your home, your preferences, and skill level.