025. What to Do When You Bring a New Houseplant Home

Bringing a houseplant home is exciting! It’s likely you spent way more time than necessary trying to pick out the PERFECT houseplant to bring home. It’s lush, beautiful, straight from the nursery, and I hope it makes you so very happy!

But here’s the thing. It was just pulled from near PERFECT growing conditions and is now in your home. Where I’m gonna be honest, the conditions aren’t always very ideal. But don’t worry! In today’s episode, my goal is to leave you with actionable steps to help you transition your houseplant to your home well. This isn’t an episode on picking out the right plant for your home, which is a very important step and I have even made you a fun, free houseplant quiz to help you pick out the right houseplant for your home! (Scroll down to take the quiz.)

I have also made a free download (that’s BEAUTIFUL if I do say so myself) with each step necessary when you bring your houseplant home PLUS how to repot your new houseplant. (Spoiler alert! Repotting is step #3!)



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