028. 8 Simple Things I am Doing to Heal from Depression and Anxiety

Depression feels a lot like you’re doing life underwater when everyone else is on land. It is hard to breathe down here, my mind feels so weak, and it’s far to easy to believe lies that would otherwise feel ridiculous. This is a battle I have been fighting for years and in the last few years I have come to terms with this and FINALLY took the steps to get diagnosed and begin healing from depression and severe anxiety.

I am not a doctor and STRONGLY recommend that you seek medical advice in this topic. My goal for you in hearing this episode is to hear my own growth journey, see the things that I am doing (some of which are VERY simple with a BIG impact) to pursue growing WELL in a hard season of depression and severe anxiety.

I am finally “coming up for air” so to speak and I am seeing some beautiful healing come after years of hurting. I am deeply, deeply grateful. I feel safe and happy and very comfortable in sharing these harder topics right now. So PLEASE ask me questions if you have any via email HERE.


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