029. Photosynthesis for the houseplant collector

Today we are talking photosynthesis! Photosynthesis is the process by which houseplants create their own food. Which is pretty incredible, right!? Outdoors, in their native habitat, they grow in such a way that they can utilize the resources around them to actually feed themselves! Indoors WE are responsible for facilitating a plant in doing this well.

Photosynthesis - how your plants feed themselves (and what YOU need to do to facilitate it) #growwellpodcast

There are three main elements responsible for photosynthesis: Light, Water, and Carbon dioxide. All three so important and all three very misunderstood by most houseplant collectors. We’re gonna break down each element a little deeper unpacking WHY the plant needs it, how the plant collects it, and what we can do as houseplant collectors to facilitate the plant in doing so. Then we’ll dive into some personal application we can learn from studying, science, and what God has to teach us today through the science of how plants grow.

It’s gonna be a good one!

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Photosynthesis for houseplant collectors (p.s. You NEED to know this to grow a thriving houseplant collection!) #growwellpodcast