031. How to diagnose houseplant problems and identify warning signs

Does your houseplant have yellowing leaves? Brown tips? Is it dropping leaves? Or do you see those annoying little black flies EVERYWHERE? Today I am give you three simple steps to identify and diagnose houseplant problems.

figure out what is gonig on with your plant (and how to fix it!).png

Houseplant care is such a rewarding hobby but it takes patience, trial and error, and I know God has so much to teach us through this process! Houseplant problems can make us feel defeated and frustrated with our plants and feel like just the worst plant person. But let me stop you right there and remind you that houseplant care should be FUN! So take a step back, give yourself (and your plant) some grace, and be intentional about learning about plants and MAN I am so certain you will enjoy this process so much more!

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