034. Growing after Trauma with Her Campaign


Today’s episode is a deep one that I urge you not to skip over. Sexual exploitation is an issue so prevalent today. This horrific crisis feels too big and too awful and far too misunderstood to even begin to make a difference.

There is hope.

HER Campaign’s mission is drenched in this hope.

HER Campaign is a safe house in Billings, Montana helping woman to heal and find hope after sexual exploitation. They do this through bringing awareness, building community, and providing opportunity for restoration.

Awareness without action is just empty hope.

Today Britney Higgs founder of the HER Campaign and Anjali Smith Development Director of the HER Campaign join me to share about how HER campaign was founded and how we can begin to make an impact in such a large epidemic.

We also talk about how to approach healing after trauma in all meanings of the word and how we can

As heavy as this episode is it is laced with God’s truth, hope, and His beautiful redemption.