039. Chinese Money Plant Care and History with Mackenna Rowley

The Chinese money plant was once a VERY sought after, expensive, and exotic houseplant. Now, you can find them for $7 in your local Trader Joes. The history of this quirky plant is such a wonderful story and I am so grateful to talk with Mackenna Rowley from Piep Co who played an incredible role this lovely plant's history! She covers how to keep your Chinese Money Plants alive and so much more!


Pilea peperomioides aka Chinese Money Plant history and care on Grow Well Podcast

This conversation with Mackenna Rowely from Piep Co. is PACKED with planty goodness!

We talk about:

  • How to grow a Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides) in your home

  • The history of this quirky plant

  • How to get rid of "plant shame"

  • What it's like owning a plant shop with two little kids

  • How we can glorify God through the gift of nature

  • The value in getting growing your community

It was such an honor to chat with Mackenna Rowely from Piep Co!

Vist their website: http://www.piep.co

Instagram: http://instagram.com/piep.co

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