Ep 12. Airplants with Josh Rosen from Airplant Man (p.s. YES they need watered!)

How do I keep my airplants alive? Do tillandsia need to be watered? How do I water my airplants? How much light do airplants even need? All of these questions (and so many more!) are answered by Josh Rosen founder of Airplant Man on the Get Planty Podcast!

Airplants are so trendy and for good reason! They are incredibly gorgeous and though the care is simple they DO require care. Often people think they don’t need to be watered or that they don’t need light to live but they actually do! Josh Rosen unpacks how much light they need and how to water appropriately. This episode is PACKED full of airplant wisdom and I learned so much from my conversation with Josh!

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In this episode we cover:

  • What an airplant actually is

  • How airplants photosynthesize

  • How to water your airplant (YES! You NEED to water them!)

  • How mush sunlight airplants really need

  • How to fertilize your airplant (or if it’s even worth it)

  • How to encourage flowering on your airplant

  • Why you shouldn’t touch your airplants too much

  • Personal lessons to be learned through the gift of houseplants

How to care for your airplant alive on Get Planty Podcast #revivenursery #getplantpodcast


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