Ep 13. Growing Well: How to get outdoors more (and why you REALLY need to!) with Deanna Jensen from Dear Summit

Adventuring, getting outdoors, and traveling doesn’t have to be complicated. Just getting outside for a short walk each day can do wonders for our health and remind us of the beauty found within growing well. Deanna Jensen sheds some light on how we can get outdoors more (why it even matters) and how she is pursuing personal growth even when work seems to keep piling up.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How to get outdoors more

  • Why getting outside matters

  • Why our National Parks matter

  • How to reach your goals and still invest in your personal growth

  • How to get your kids outdoors more

  • Lessons learned from nature, adventuring, and traveling outdoors

  • Reading about nature and wilderness

  • How to pursue intention growth within our hobbies and passions

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The value in going outside with Deanna Jensen from Dear Summit on Get Planty Podcast #getplantypodcast #revivenursery.jpeg

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