Ep 6. Best 3 Ways to Water Your Houseplants and Understanding Humidity

Watering your houseplants is a BIG topic. If you haven’t gone back and listened to episode 5 Watering part one make sure you do! It’s crucial that you understand the basics WELL to be able to best understand how and why watering your houseplants the right way is so important.

Everything about houseplant care is truly trial and error, especially in watering your houseplants. Houseplants are not made to grow indoors and there are several factors to consider in knowing when and how to water your houseplants correctly.

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How to water your houseplants (the RIGHT WAY!) #growwellpodcast

In this episode I cover:

  • Bottom watering

  • Soak and drain method

  • Watering with a watering can

  • And I unpack humidity a little bit!

It’s SO important to note that humidity is not something that replaces proper watering. Learn how to water well and THEN worry about proper humidity!