Ep 8. Growing Well: Ethical fashion, slow living, and learning to fail well with Olivia Youngs

In this week’s grow well segment Olivia Youngs from Simply Liv and Co and I talk about how to approach ethical fashion, slow living, and the power found in learning to fail well.

Episode 8 - Grow Well: Ethical fashion & Slow Living with Olivia Youngs

Olivia is a lifestyle blogger with a deep passion for slow living and mindfullness. She is a wife, mom of two with another little one on the way, she lives in an RV and is working towards some big dreams! I can not stress enough how incredible this episode is! I was so very honored to have her on the show! She shares so much about her journey and it’s packed full of inspiration and heavy topics meant to challenge you and grow you.

There is so much value is being mindful in the way we spend our money and live our lives and Olivia shares with us her journey and reminds us that it’s such a learn as you go process. To give ourselves grace and take it one step at a time.

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Connect with Olivia Youngs

Website: simplylivandco.com

Instagram: @simplylivandco



Dressemeber is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and money to fight human trafficking. Olivia has even helped design a dress and leads a team to further the Dressmeber mission! To learn more and get involved (it’s still not too late!) click here: Dressember

Human Trafficking Hotline: humantraffickinghotline.org


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