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031. How to diagnose houseplant problems and identify warning signs

Does your houseplant have yellowing leaves? Brown tips? Is it dropping leaves? Or do you see those annoying little black flies EVERYWHERE? In today’s Grow Well podcast episode I am give you three simple steps to identify and diagnose houseplant problems.

It’s gonna be a good on! #growwellpodcast

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022. Growing Well in a Busy Season with Christina Wilcox

Life isn’t always slow and dreamy like Instagram would like us to believe. Christina Wilcox unpacks what she is learning in a very busy season of life, shares her heart for sharing women’s stories, and we cover a lot of plant questions. It’s a good episode and I promise you’ll leave feeling inspired no matter what season of life you’re in.

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Ep 9. Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert Claire Akin

What do I do if my fiddle leaf fig has brown spots? How much sunlight should my fiddle leaf fig get? Should I fertilize my fiddle leaf fig? How do I keep my fiddle leaf fig alive!?

Claire Akin from Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource answers each one of these questions (and even some more!) in today's show. She is the fiddle leaf fig expert and after implementing her advice your fiddle leaf fig will thank you!

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