Ep 7. Understanding light with Darryl Cheng from Houseplant Journal

Darryl Cheng from Houseplant Journal and author of The New Plant Parent*, unpacks how we can better understand how much light houseplants really need, we chat about how to learn as you go, and the best mindset to have to approach houseplant care.

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Light is the precursor for all other houseplant care. Understanding how much light is available in your home is the most crucial aspect in houseplant care. Plants aren’t made to grow indoors and as we learn how to mimic their natural environment the most important thing to understand is how to help your plants get as much light within our homes as possible.

In this episode Darryl Cheng unpacks light, helps give some actionable ways we can better understand how much light we have available to us, and how to maximize the light we do have.

Actionable tips from Darryl Cheng:

  • Get eye level with your houseplant. Can your houseplant see as much open sky as possible? If not where can you move it so that your plant can get as much sunlight as possible?

  • Use a light meter to become more familiar with how much sunlight is available in your home. I added THIS one to my Amazon shopping cart!

We also talk a lot about how we can have the right mindset when it comes to houseplant care, how we can see God’s goodness through His creation, and we how we can celebrate all stages of plant life.

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