Ep 11. Growing Well: Planning for a life you love using the Pace and Pattern method with Allison Rhea

How do I reach my goals? How can I plan for a successful year? How do I live a life I love? I think we all ask ourselves these questions and we all certainly want to live a life we are proud of! But without a plan even the best intentions fall and we are left scrolling endlessly on Instagram or binge watching Netflix. And while I love me some Instagram and Netflix those aren't the things that bring us life and help us reach our dreams and the life God has for us.

Allison Rhea from pace and Pattern has developed a method and a STUNNING planner to help you dream, plan, take action, and reach your goals!

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Ep 10. Growing Well in Business with Branding Expert Lilah Higgins

Branding coach and designer, Lilah Higgins, shares about how her business has grown from a small (unsuccessful) Esty print shop to a fully staffed branding agency! She gets real about how she couldn’t slow down to enjoy her most financially successful year yet, how she has grown her business, and what she learned from the process.

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Ep 9. Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert Claire Akin

What do I do if my fiddle leaf fig has brown spots? How much sunlight should my fiddle leaf fig get? Should I fertilize my fiddle leaf fig? How do I keep my fiddle leaf fig alive!?

Claire Akin from Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource answers each one of these questions (and even some more!) in today's show. She is the fiddle leaf fig expert and after implementing her advice your fiddle leaf fig will thank you!

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Ep 8. Growing Well: Ethical fashion, slow living, and learning to fail well with Olivia Youngs

Grow Well Segment: What does ethical fashion really mean? Is β€œslow living” even possible? Olivia Youngs and I unpack how important our purchases are, how to approach ethical fashion, and we even cover winter houseplant care! Listen on revivenursery.com/podcast/8, iTunes, or Spotify

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Ep 5. How to tell when your houseplant needs watered (and other houseplant watering advice) Part 1

How to know when (and how much) to water your houseplant correctly. Plus, a bunch of other houseplant watering advise! This episode will give you so much clarity when it comes to watering your houseplants! #getplantypodcast

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