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Dusty Hegge - Host of Grow Well Podcast & Houseplant Educator

Houseplant educator, coffee obsessed, and I want to teach you how to keep your houseplants alive!

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Best easy-care houseplant, low light houseplant, my FAVORITE houseplant - pothos aka devil's ivy house plant care guide

Best 1st Time Houseplant - Pothos Care Guide

Pothos, also called devils ivy, are hands down my favorite houseplants. They are forgiving, communicative, and very adaptable - which is why I recommend them as a first tie houseplant, low-light houseplants, and everywhere in between. You need this houseplant! Aand I can tell you how to keep the alive & thriving!)

E029 Photosynthesis for the houseplant gardener (you need to know this!) #growwellpodcast

Photosynthesis for the Houseplant Gardener

Everything we do as houseplant gardeners goes back to helping our houseplant photosynthesis, which is the process by which a plant creates it’s own food. Understanding this process is essential in helping your houseplants grow well!

How to fight houseplant pests - E029 Grow Well Podcast by Dusty Hegge

Fighting Houseplant Pests

At some point in your houseplant journey you will get houseplant pests. The sooner you catch them the easier they are to get rid of! This episode will help you fight that buggy war and then WIN!

What houseplant is best for you?

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