Ep 9. Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert Claire Akin

What do I do if my fiddle leaf fig has brown spots? How much sunlight should my fiddle leaf fig get? Should I fertilize my fiddle leaf fig? How do I keep my fiddle leaf fig alive!?

Claire Akin from Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource answers each one of these questions (and even some more!) in today's show. She is the fiddle leaf fig expert and after implementing her advice your fiddle leaf fig will thank you!

How to keep your fiddle leaf fig alive and healthy! Fiddle leaf fig care and troubleshooting with Claire Adkin on the Get Planty Podcast - #revivenursery.png

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In this episode we cover:

  • Understanding how much light your fiddle leaf fig needs

  • How to water your fiddle leaf

  • troubleshooting some fiddle leaf fig problems (like brown spots!)

  • How to identify a healthy fiddle leaf fig

  • How to get your fiddle leaf fig to branch

  • Why direct sun is GOOD for your fiddle leaf fig!

  • How to fertilize your fiddle leaf fig (I recommend THIS plant food!)

How to keep your fiddle leaf fig alive and happy! Learn from fiddle leaf fig expert Claire Akin on Get Planty Podcast #getplantypodcast #revivenursery

CONNECT WITH CLAIRE AKIN, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant resource

Website: fiddleleaffigplant.com/

Instagram: instagram.com/fiddleleaffigplantresource/

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